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The FAS system helps administrators, supervisors and practitioners easily and efficiently enter and retrieve data across multiple systems. The system is designed for easy export into SPSS, XML, and CSV formats.  Additionally, an optional Web Services module can be used to integrate with existing portals, applications, and electronic health records (EHR).

System Integration through Web Services
Eliminate double-work and ensure data integrity
  • Available for all types of assessments - CAFAS®, PECFAS®, JIFF®, CWL®
  • Data can be passed from your clinical record to FAS Outcomes:
    • Add a new client
    • Update client info: Name, DOB, etc
    • Close a case
  • Staff can request to start an assessment in their clinical application and open directly to the client in FAS Outcomes
  • Data can be passed from FAS Outcomes to your clinical record:
    • Assessment info:Assessment date, rater, scores, etc
    • System info: Service Areas/Programs
  • All data is transfered using SOAP / XML over SSL (minimum 128-bit encryption)
  • All Web Service calls can be made in real-time for immediate access to data

Learn more about Web Services, including the specific data that can be sent/received by your client system and the value you can expect by integrating - read the FAS Outcomes Web Services Overview on our Reference Materials page.


System Integration through Data Export
Extract in bulk for infrequent data loads or sending for aggregation
  • Available for all types of assessments - CAFAS, PECFAS, JIFF, CWL
  • Users can specify export criteria to narrow the set of cases exported
  • Users can specify the fields which are to be exported
  • Users can specify the format of the exported data - XML, .csv or .spss
  • Multiple export profiles can be saved for data loads that occur on a frequent basis, such as state exports, etc



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