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  1. Is it easy to get started?

    Yes! The FAS system can be setup in less than one hour. While the software is very thorough and effective in what it does, it is not complex to setup or use. You do not have to be an IT expert by any means. In fact, you don't even need to be very familiar with computers in general. We have a host of resources and great support in place to make sure you have all of the information you need. We built the software for clinicians and administrators; and they love the features of FAS Outcomes.

  2. How do customers use the FAS Outcomes software?

    Most of our customers use a two-step approach.
    Frequently, the JIFF Interviewer is used at in-take, providing a baseline on the youth and their functioning level. If the youth is identified as severely emtionally disturbed (SED) after taking the JIFF, then the CAFAS is adminstered as a "deep dive" assessment. The CAFAS allows for an in-depth approach that is back by more than 23 years of reliability and validity research.

  3. Can more than one person at an organization access the software at the same time?

    Yes. Your organization will need to decides which person(s) have access to the software. The users will have a specific permissions set per HIPAA compliance and can access the software at the same time. Users can access the software from anywhere that has internet access.

  4. What are the appropriate age groups for each assessment?

    • JIFF Interviewer (Youth Version) can be used from age 9 to 19
    • JIFF Interviewer (Caregiver Version) can be used for caregivers with youth from age 7 to 19
    • CAFAS can be used from age 5 to 19 (kindergarten and higher). There is a young adult version, which includes a scale for teenage parents
    • PECFAS can be used from age 3 to age 7, depending on the developmental level (versus chronological age) of the child 
    • CWL can be used for parents with children of age 3 to 19. There are two versions: preschool and school age

  5. Should I use the JIFF with youths or caregivers?

    Both.  The JIFF provides the ability to interview youths and caregivers.  It also has the ability to create an Integrated Plan, showing a side-by-side comparison of Youth and Caregiver responses.  However, if you are in a setting where only the youth is readily available, you can use the Youth JIFF by itself. If you are working in a setting in which parents are readily available, you can use the Caregiver JIFF alone or in conjunction with the Youth JIFF.

  6. What languages are available?

    The JIFF and CWL are available in both English and Spanish. The CAFAS is available in French and English.

  7. How much does the software cost? How much do assessments cost?

    Since the software is entirely web-based, there are no installation costs or setup fees.  You just pay a low, fixed yearly maintenance fee (this a flat fee - you don't have to worry about the price going up when you add more raters) and a nominal fee for each assessment you use.  For pricing details, contact us or email [email protected].

  8. Is the software training free?

    Yes! Online training is available on how to complete an assessment within the FAS system and is completely free of charge. We are here to provide any additional support to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

  9. Does the JIFF or Caregiver Wish List require staff training?


  10. Are the reports and dashboards included in the cost?

    Yes. There is no additional cost to use the reporting and dashboard features.

  11. Should I upgrade to the new online software if I already have CAFAS 5.4?

    Yes.  The new online software offers far more value than the old software.  From being easier to administer (it's web-based so no local install hassle), to conducting the CAFAS (everything has been streamlined so an assessment can be done in less time), to analyzing the results (there are tools to aggregate outcome data for Supervisors), to integrating with your existing systems (there's a built-in data export and web service interface) - the system has been built from the ground up with families, staff and supervisors in mind.

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