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FAS Customer Testimonials

"The CAFAS allows us to dive deep into all aspects of the youths' lives, which creates a valuable conversation about how we can improve their lives."

- Kamala Green, Executive Director,

 "The Caregiver Wish List has proven to be invaluable in terms of assessing the needs and goals of our caregiver-clients." 

- Cat Beagle, Program Supervisor, Community Mental Health for Central Michigan

"The return on investment from using the FAS Outcomes web-hosted program has been significant for our organization. FAS Outcomes, and in particular the supervisor dashboard, has made a tremendous difference in how we “use” the CAFAS in treatment planning, safety planning and reporting client outcomes. We are able to report on youths’ progress using measurable data and are better able to prioritize treatment issues. I still can’t get over the time I saved by being able to generate meaningful and useful aggregate data and graphs for our quality improvement annual report. The web-hosted program is extremely user friendly in that the navigation make sense even to users who might otherwise be intimidated by using a computer for assessments and treatment planning."

- Marie Tolen, Director of Knowledge & Learning, Lutheran Child and Family Service of Michigan

"The new FAS Database was one of the easiest database migrations I have ever done in my 15 years of IT management. We have been using the new system for almost a year now and the users have only had very positive things to say.  In a nutshell, 'they love it'!"

- Danny Doss, MIS Manager, Community Care Services

"I count on the FAS software to keep me in the know about how our programs are performing and where we need to direct our efforts for quality improvement.  I cannot imagine effectively reviewing our outcome data without the FAS database!"

-  Nicholas Cuccia, Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator, Team Builders

"Use of the JIFF for Diversion of pre-dispositional youth has allowed us to access Community Mental Health services quickly and provide community-based agencies with targeted goals and initial treatment plans for over 3,000 youth in fiscal year 2010. The JIFF’s timely, family-friendly assessment assures families and youth that their needs are heard. We also use the post-service JIFF to present feedback on youth outcomes to service providers, families, and the youth & adolescent system. Our system has enjoyed very significant cost savings, low recidivism, and increased family satisfaction with the use of the JIFF."

-  Cynthia J. Smith, President/CEO, Youth & Adolescent Assessment Center for Wayne County, Michigan

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